Backpacking, Running, and Cycling Adventures


Four somewhat soggy days in this national treasure only left me wanting more and I will definitely make another trip there. In the meantime, here are a few words to describe this recent adventure with my buddies Chris and Mark.

Blue Ridge Marathon

By the time race day rolled around, I had logged 340 miles with 23,661ft. of elevation gain and a total of 62 and a half hours in the 16 weeks building up to this race. Would it be enough? I would soon find out.

Iron Mountain Ultra

The trail network through the Iron Mountains of Virginia presents some pretty amazing route options and is very well maintained by a group of local volunteers.

Mount Rogers Adventure

This fall I was fortunate enough to squeeze not 1 but 2 backpacking trips into my busy schedule. After heading up to Dolly Sods a few weeks prior, I concocted a plan to head up to Mount Rogers to do some backpacking and trail running.

Dolly Sods Traverse

Autumn and backpacking go hand in hand. I always try to get a fall trip together and this year was no exception. For this trip, I brought my brother-in-law, Craig along. We deliberated for a few weeks between spending 2 nights in Shenandoah National Park or 2 in the Dolly Sods Wilderness.

Roaring Plains Adventure

This area is what I imagine Dolly Sods was like 10 years ago. A few words and pictures to describe this awesome trip with my buddy Chris and bro-in-law Craig.

Dolly Sods Northern Loop

For this February trip, we had high hopes of breaking out our snow shoes to traverse the Dolly Sods Wilderness. Conditions wouldn't be in our favor for snow shoeing though.

Solo Autumn Overnight

A speed hike would be fun and I was definitely trained up for it. But my brain needed the kind of hard refresh that only slow autumn miles on the trail can provide.

Spy Rock

After a few months off the trail, I was itching to get out again so I broke out the map and started looking for easily accessible places for a 1 night trip.

Thomas Knob Overnight

Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area has so many options for everything from quick day hikes to 3 or 4 day long backpacking loops.