Backpacking, Running, and Cycling Adventures

Training Log: Week 7

Strive to maintain balance and build on fitness gains.

Training Log: Week 6

No ankle arthritis. Full speed ahead! Within reason.

Training Log: Week 5

Long runs in Washington D.C. and a backpacking trip.

Training Log: Weeks 3-4

The challenges of balancing life, work, and training.

Training Log: Week 2

Second week of training for MMTR.

Training Log: Week 1

First week of training for Mountain Masochist Trail Run.

2018 Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock 50 Miler

With 649 miles and over 35,000 ft. of elevation gain in my legs from running, hiking and cycling in 2018, I had certainly put the time in. Would it be enough to finish PM2HR? We would soon find out.

Wild Oak Trail Adventure

Beautiful terrain, physical challenge, and route planning logistics. The Wild Oak Trail presented the perfect mix for this weekend adventure that turned out to be sublime.


Four somewhat soggy days in this national treasure only left me wanting more and I will definitely make another trip there. In the meantime, here are a few words to describe this recent adventure with my buddies Chris and Mark.

Blue Ridge Marathon

By the time race day rolled around, I had logged 340 miles with 23,661ft. of elevation gain and a total of 62 and a half hours in the 16 weeks building up to this race. Would it be enough? I would soon find out.